Epiosde 55 – Interview with Casper Andreas

Listen to the amazing interview with Casper Andreas who is a gay actor/writer/director of the film Slutty Summer. Hear about his growing up in Sweden and then making the move to the United States to follow his dream of acting.

Episode 55

Slutty Summer
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2 Responses to “Epiosde 55 – Interview with Casper Andreas”

  1. JOHN Q. Says:

    I didn’t realize that it was so universal for homo movie night. My BF and I always watch a homo movie after catching up up in all ways for the week while eating a pasta dinner.

    Last week it was “From the Edge of the City” – a Greek video about immigrant boys’ undirected and aimless lives. Not very uplifting, I’m afraid.

    Hope Casper Andreas gets his opportunity to continue to direct. His was an interesting first attempt, although I wonder if there are any happy gay films out there.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    Interesting interview Tom. After hearing it, I MAY even add the movie to my Netflix queue. However, I’ll be honest, one reason I haven’t already is because of the title of the film. One question I wish you would have asked him is why he choose that title over, say, “Tater Waiter”, if, in fact, the movie was about the lives of four waiters in a restaurant, over “Slutty Summer”. Is it because it’s easier to fill a theater full of your target audience with a risqué title than it is to call a spade a spade? By no means am I a frigid bitch, but “Slutty Summer” makes me want to run out and rent a film as much as “Bloody Anus” (One man’s quest to ride every roller coaster in North America) does. I’ve passed many films up based on title and cover art. And admittedly, perhaps I’m missing some really great films. However, when I pick what movie I want to see, I want to suspend my disbelief. I don’t tend to rent movies designed and marketed to titillate me, that’s what the internet is for.

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