Episode 53 – Interview with Charles

Hear Charles amazing story about his family and why he wanted to be part of PFLAG which is a great organization that is there for Parents and Friends of our community.

Episode 53

PFLAG <– click here for more info

3 Responses to “Episode 53 – Interview with Charles”

  1. JOHN Q. Says:

    What was interesting about this interview is that Charles is obviously such a sympathetic dad but that his son would be so conflicted about his sexual identity that he would take his own life. I can’t imagine having a more sympathetic and supportive parent, and yet, it evidently wasn’t enough.

    It certainly flies in the face of what so many gay men say that kids today have it so much easier than when they were young (it is easier of course, but still not easy.)

  2. Psyton Says:

    Amen John Q,

    I’m just tickled that Charles decided to start his PFLAG chapter as a community service project. For a while there I was under the impression that PFLAGs were sort of subversive…

    I guess it’s the little perception changes like that which gimme hope.

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    I wasn’t aware PFLAG had queer members…I thought it was a support network for familes and friends only. Good to know…see, I learnt something!

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