Episode 51 – Interview with the Wonderful Wanda Wisdom

Listen to the amazing and inspirational podcaster Wanda Wisdom! I turn the tables on Wanda and grill her with lots of questions and of course tell her how much I love her and the support she has given me!

Episode 51

Wanda Wisdom <—- click on her name and listen to her show!

3 Responses to “Episode 51 – Interview with the Wonderful Wanda Wisdom”

  1. Psyton Says:


    You managed to interview the one who got you started. That must have been incredibly cool.

    I loved hearing all of the delicious (it’s Wanda, she deals only with delicious unless she’s binging at Crapplebees) stories between the both of you. I loved hearing Wanda’s depictions of her start in podcasting and her unique perspective (WRT Lady Bunny getting to have a more “in depth” interview). And I would love to thank you old-timers all for sucking so many bad, deep-fried, glitter-encrusted Las Vegas dicks to make it better for us youngin’s.

    On that note… I sort of understand the idea that some younger people may have had a wonderful time of coming out and not being persecuted… I feel like I had one of those relatively easy outings… but I would also like to say that one of the reasons it was so easy for me is because I was scared shitless and rallied myself to deal with it from a young age: I knew I was different, I knew it was a difference that most people tended to not understand, and I effectively chose to become asexual through High-School and College (hell, since I was taught teenage sex was going to be bad and rife with disease and teenage pregnancy, it wasn’t all that bad a decision). I also tended to only form deep friendships with deep, thoughtful people. The kinds who would understand my homosexuality and not judge me by it or wreck a friendship. The fact that I had progressive parents and lived in areas where there wasn’t massive anti-homosexual sentiments was just a lucky streak by the grace of God and I don’t want to give people the impression that other people don’t have a hell of a hard time and occasionally need help with scholarships, counseling, and love.

  2. RambleRedhead Says:


    Yes it was amazing being able to talk with your mentor and learning what make them tick and why they did what they do.

    I am very glad that your life has been better for you and that is the goal that I want all the future GLBT members to have the same experience and lead happier lives.

    Thanks for listening and being a big supporter of the show!

  3. (F)reddy Says:

    I used to be an avid fan of Wanda Wisdom. Along the way I figured out I preferred Bradley Traynor much more. Same body? Yes. Same person? Not by a long shot. I feel like Bradley’s personal story is inspiration to many, many people. Unfortunately I feel the persona of Wanda has taken over the person and has become something bigger than the inspiration itself. I have a tremendous amount of respect and give Wanda props for all the things (s)he has overcome and applaud (loudly) for constantly reinventing and improving himself, as well as encouraging others to do so.

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