Episode 48 – In loving memory of Joyce D aka Mrs D

This show is dedicated to the memory of Joyce D – she was the mother of my ex and she fought a long fight with ovarian cancer and I wanted to do a show to help educate people on this horrible disease and what can be done to prevent it. Please take the time to listen to this show and talk with the women in your life and make sure they look for the signals.

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One Response to “Episode 48 – In loving memory of Joyce D aka Mrs D”

  1. Psyton Says:

    I really liked some of the advice in this show. I guess I am not sure how to broach the subject with my mom, however (A wonderful, lovely woman who, while I love her dearly, is getting up there in years).

    I like the idea of a symptom card so that when she goes to her doctor she could easily talk with them about things like ovarian cancer… but at the same time, I have severe qualms with bringing up terms like “vaginal rectal exam” and “intravaginal ultrasound”. Words like that freak me out because they sound so clinical and yet sound like they could be used in a really bad porn film >_< . I’ll admit, as a gay man, I really haven’t had much interest in “the bits-n-peices of the other sex” but at the same time, if my mom opr any of the other important women in my life complain of sudden doom-bloating I’ll know to flag something in the back of my mind and make sure she sees a doctor if it keeps up.

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