Episode 44 – Interview with Bob Smith

Listen to the amazing interview with comedian and writer Bob Smith – he has written award winning books and has done stand up comedy for years. Hear his stories about his life, coming out, meeting his boyfriends and so much more.

Episode 44

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6 Responses to “Episode 44 – Interview with Bob Smith”

  1. Alexa Nickels Says:

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  2. JOHN Q. Says:

    Interesting. I’ve seen his books a number of times and thought about his resemblance to Tom Cruise (which I think he has mentioned). What I noticed was the differnce between how Smith looks and his voice – I would never have put them together. I’m not sure what I expected him to sound like, but this wasn’t it.

  3. Psyton Says:


    You found Bob Smith!

    I loved watching his HBO special, and I force my friends to watch it whenever it happens to come on. I loved hearing perspectives on being gay in the 80’s.. (but what was this about so many “young” listeners 😉 and on being a pioneering gay comic. I guess I always felt I was sort of a comic… just without the severe dedication or ability to sit in front of real-live people to try and entertain them.

    Thanks for chatting with Ramble and Us, Bob.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Enjioyed the show -Bob is a great guy – thanks for sharing

  5. Hypoxic Says:

    Came here by way of Adam’s blog,The Krebs Cycle. Really glad I did. I have a lot of catching up to do on your blog but will get there.

  6. Ralph Vendegna Says:

    Steve’s story is fabulous. He is a combination of Bruce Valanch, Carson Kresly and Leslie Jordan. I love listening to stories like this, where people can laugh and really enjoy it. But also there is a seriousness of the shows also. I like enthusiastic people. Never seen his 2 movies.

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