Episode 41 – Amazing Interview with Johnny Symons

Listen to this amazing story of a great director Johnny Symons as he talks about his life, his partner and two adorable children and his amazing work as a director.

Episode 41

Daddy and Papa <——- click for more information

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3 Responses to “Episode 41 – Amazing Interview with Johnny Symons”

  1. John Q. Says:

    I am a big fan of queery.com to find out what gay-themed TV shows might be coming up. I’ve seen a listing for “Daddy & Papa” and wanted to see it particularly after having seen the documentary “Paternal Instinct” about two guys who find a donor mother who is willing to bear their children.

    Unfortunately, Netflix, my source of all gay videos does not carry “Daddy & Pappa” but from your podcast today I found the Website for the film and realize that it is showing at some future date on PBS.

    It was great to hear a behind the scenes interview about the video.

  2. Nik-in-Paris Says:

    I loved the show, Ramble!

    Beautiful to see and hear such a visible example of gay parenthood…

    Makes me think of my own desire to bring up a child.

    Byeee! Nx

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing story – sounds like a great couple who have a truly loving family – find it hard to believe that anyone would even for a minute think of denying these two fine men with a child. The world is a better place since these two boys will always have a loving home.

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