Episode 38 Part 1 of Interview with Jim David

Listen to the interview with Jim David – a great comedian as he gets serious as he talks about his life growing up in North Carolina, moving to New York to follow his dream as an actor and how that changed to becoming one of the best comedians in the country.

Episode 38

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2 Responses to “Episode 38 Part 1 of Interview with Jim David”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great interview – he is a very funny guy and when I heard you had a comedian on I thought it would filled with more jokes but it was great to hear the story behind the man.

    Thanks for sharing Jim!

  2. Psyton Says:

    I thought it was interesting to hear Jim David and Bob Smith. If anything because one seems to incorporate gayness into his act and the other doesn’t

    I guess the happy end result is that they are both very funny no matter where they choose their material.

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