Episode 36 Thank You Thank You – Let me hear from you!

Hi Everyone

I had to post a show simply thanking for the wonderful responses to my show and of course to be greedy and ask for more! If you have any interesting people you know I would love to interview them for my show.

Also I make a few comments on the Oscars and a few movies choices and give you some hints on upcoming shows!

I love all of you and again thanks for supporting the show!

Episode 36

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2 Responses to “Episode 36 Thank You Thank You – Let me hear from you!”

  1. Nik-in-Paris Says:

    Hey Ramble!

    Great to hear your thank yous! You have so much communicative energy…!

    I am still feeling very honored for the invite. 🙂

    Catch you soon,

    Bises de Paris,


  2. Psyton Says:

    Well, you probably know my opinions already on the theory of avoiding ExxonMobile since they revoked some of their gay-friendliness points: “They’ll lose employees over it, and that is probably punishment enough.”

    Now, if they were going through and firing workers because they were gay that would be a cuase for more alarm… but really, gas doesn’t have a sexuality, so I’m not sure how it applies to me.

    The best you could ask is that if there is a choice, you let the gay-non-friendliness of Exxon-Mobile weigh in on your decision. But if you are in the boonies or your car runs like you fed it kerosene if you gave it anything else… don’t let it eat you up inside.

    Otherwise, yea, I am marching through the old shows.

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