Episode 32 – Part 1 of interview with Heather and Call to Duty Tour


Hope you are all doing well – I am going crazy with my pc and Iriver etc so I have decided to add as many shows as I can and so here is part 1 of the interview with Heather – another presenter of the Call to Duty Tour. She decided to enlist into the Air Force and had to deal with some things she should not had to deal with – find out that and much more in this episode.

Episode 32

Call To Duty Tour <————– click on link for more info

Watch Heather’s presentation when she spoke at Harvard

2 Responses to “Episode 32 – Part 1 of interview with Heather and Call to Duty Tour”

  1. Psyton Says:

    wow, all the stuff that happened to heather was just intriguingly shitty. I find it interesting just how entrapped GLBT people are in the military. Because while homosexuality isn’t a bar to being in the military, and since being closeted can be so damaging to a person, and any peep that someone is gay can get you ousted… it really might as well be a bar under dont-ask-don’t-tell.

  2. Casey Says:

    Sounds like she worked with a herd of bungholes!!

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