Episode #18 Thanks and HRC and YOUR buying power!

This episode is dedicated to all of you who have taken the time to write and let me know what you think of my show. It is my goal to help educate or entertain on the variety of gay issues.

Human Right Campaign is here for us to help support equality for everyone and the way to do that is to support companies that support the GLBT community. According to the statistics the GLBT has the buying power of over $610 BILLION! Use your money as your voice. Click here to view the HRC Buying guide so you know that companies that believe in EQUALITY!

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Episode 18

2 Responses to “Episode #18 Thanks and HRC and YOUR buying power!”

  1. Psyton Says:

    As you’ve seen from my response in
    Wanda’s blog
    … I am a tad touchy about the whole “use the mighty gay buying power to bring about the revolution” theory.

    On one hand, I can appreciate the “power of the homosexual dollar”.. but on the other hand, I respect the right of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendendered persons to Just Not Give A Shit.

    While I think the ideals of giving money only to companies that are good to LBGT are good in spirit… I have seen it become divisive in the gay community:

    I resented it when champions of gay justice attempted to convince me to get rid of my car during the whole Ford/AFA fiasco. I was appaled to see how this idea of “support the companies that support us” was somehow twisted into “If you buy a Nissan product you’re a horrible homosexual!”

    I fear the “homosexual buying power” concept has become another one of those shallow bones of contention within the gay community, much like fashion, build, and scene… where some poor gay guy will kill his cat buying food it doesn’t like because he got so wrapped up the HR department of the cat food company and how nice it was to partnered couples that worked there.

    Granted, I am harboring a lot of vitriol from having to deal with interdiots who attempt to force me to justify thing with arguments like “but you’re gay! How could you ….?” (people who will then try and castigate me about making assumptions o.O)

    I guess I will try my best to just handle things on a case-by-case basis. I imagine gay friendliness, for me, will only apply to large purchases in a scale-swaying effect between two big things I really like. Perhaps later I will focus on trying to incorporate buying less stuff from nestle… but I’m not makin’ any promises 🙂 .

    Otherwise, I do think what BMW is doing is rather tacky.

  2. (F)reddy Says:

    I sort of agree. We’re asking for equality and wanting to join the mainstream. Why be divisive? Yes, by all means…if there’s a well known gay business who has a product that you NEED and APPRECIATE/ENJOY, then by all means buy it. But there are lots of “gay products” out there that I have no need for, nor do I appreciate. Money won’t change too many minds, but perhaps making a more visible POSITIVE presence is the was to enact change??? I dunno. That’s just my gay two cents, which certainly isn’t billions.

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