Ramble Redhead #11 Interview with Dawn and Mary Part 3

I couldn’t wait any longer – Part 3 is now posted! Mary and Dawn and I talk about Queer as Folk and The L Word.

Episode #11

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  1. (F)reddy Says:

    Love the interview, hate the show(s) discussed…(L Word, QAF). NEITHER show was really representative to the MAJORITY of ‘us’. They both dropped the ball on “REAL” ‘mos. And where, other than the tranny angle, was the male representation in L Word? At least in QAF they had ladies in it through the whole series. L Word dropped the hot naked guy after the first three episodes of the first season and now it’s nothing but chicks. Who, besides chicks, wants to support THAT?

    More than anything, it sounds like you did what they really wanted and needed, a chance to tell their story. KUDOS!

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