Episode #7 Thursday – fun in Illinois NOT!

Hello peoples

It is Thursday night and I am in a dumpy hotel in Illinois ready to see some more accounts tomorrow – I am having fun by spending a half hour waiting for the wireless connection to connect then having to settle for dial up – arghh! The only good thing that happened today is that I was able to get a free dessert at the restaurant I went to tonight. I had some overpriced fish and then had the evil brownie with ice cream – ie my weakness I have a sweet tooth. Now you know why I have to workout whenever I can otherwise I would be way overweight.

Travel Tip: If you are a shopper then go check out the great outlet mall in Aurora IL – it is very easy to find on I-88 and take the Farnswoth exit. Also save some money and sign up with their VIP Program and you can print out coupons prior to your visit! Here is a link to the site: Chicago Premium Outlet

They have a great restaurant Red Star Tavern and they have a good selection of steaks, seafood and chicken. If you sign up with the VIP program – go to the Information booth and get a booklet and be able to get free dessert!

Episode #7

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