What the hell….

Hi Everyone – I have been having a weird week trying to get stuff ready for a sales meeting and working on my podcast has kept me busy. I talked with that guy I told you about the other day and he is very nice and funny. The had thing is his schedule is hectic as well – he works at night and doesn’t get home until 1245am and I am normally (or should be) in bed. When I am free he isn’t and when he is – I am not so it is great way to start. The thing is that his free time is on the weekend just like me so that is good. Unfortunatly this weekend I am going to Vegas for a sales meeting and won’t be back until Wednesday night.

The highlight of today is that I had a phone interview and the gentleman wants to have a face to face interview on the 19th so I am hoping it will work out they are wanting to hire someone asap.

I am so fed up with the current job that I have that it is actually depressing the shit out of me and it is affecting all other aspects of my life. So for those who are listening to the show – I would greatly appreciate your positive thoughts on the 19th at 4pm!

I forgot to post the pic of Reichen the guy from Amazing Race and so here he is – he is so hot!

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    Damn he is hot!

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